Wooden Height Charts

Height charts are a popular decoration for every nusery. At Tiny Temi we pride ourselves to make quality height charts developed by our professional carpenter.

Our growth charts, coat hangers and most other products are made of wood and hand-painted.

Growth Chart Prices

The retail prices of our height charts reflect the quality of work and material used. When comparing prices with other height charts, look out for these quality factors:

Nursery Decoration by Tiny Temi

Tiny Temi is a new brand standing for quality nursery decoration made of wood. Our website will launch in 2010 at www.tinytemi.com

Also from 2010 you will be able to purchase a selection of our produtcs at our sister company at Temi Toys Bobby Car Shop

Contact Tiny Temi

If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at

Tiny Temi
c/o Nomon Internet Solutions
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